Introduction to ARTE VIDEO

What is video Art ?

Arte video is four girls studying Art history at the university of Pantheon Sorbonne in Paris. Despites our different backgrounds and cultures, we all gather around our passion for this medium.  From the previous Name june Paik’s video installations to the Warhol’s unique experimental materials , we will post about any artists, any works that dramastically changed the use of this medium, those who made this art evolves and count in the chain of history.

Art Video is a form of expression giving to artists the opportunity to work within, and across, several fields as music, dance, video, film & photography. This medium relies on moving pictures and comprises video and audio data. Often confused with television or experimental cinema, it first appearance dated from  1960s and 1970s. This medium is still widely practiced and has given rise to the widespread use of video installations.

Art video being still mostly practiced, we won’t forget about our contemporary artists,  keeping up this  expression alive.  Their work have no longer something to do with  the pionners. Technologies and socio-cultural context being differents, goals, stakes, issued and challenges aren’t the same. Contemporary artists strive to push away the limits and seek for different visuals. They deliver extraodinor materials that brings out media art . Video is still a relevant tools and now completly accepted  in the art scene.

Here is a video  by Candas Sismanthe.  This video was first shown during the “ilhan koman hulda festivl, a journey into art and science exhibition in Istanbul from 22 September – 31 october. It was commissioned by Plato Art Space (Plato collage of higher education).

This blog is bilingual. You will find materials in French and in English.

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