Alan Del Rio Ortiz for Blood Orange “Sutphin Boulevard” 2011


Directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz, the singularity of this video shows a great revival of the 80’s era, through the technics used and the quality of the medium. A true feeling of a super-8 production made in 2011, featuring performance footage from Dev Hynes, dancing drag queens and street scenes from an 80s inspired New York.

Alan del Rio Ortiz is a New Yorker based freelance director and photographer working in commercial advertising, documentary, music videos, film, and broadcast media. He has provided aesthetic ideas and contents for artists as Bleeding knees club, St. Vincent and  Kill Hannah.



Here is a funny documentary directed again by  Del Rio Ortiz about songwritter /singer Dev Hynes alias Lightspeed Champion alias Blood Orange. “Last year, Channel 4 (British Television network) approached Dev about being interviewed for a music special regarding Blood Orange. He agreed, but only if they let us send them the complete package ourselves. Surprisingly, they said yes, and so it aired on British TV late last year. Here, for the first time, it is available to watch online.”

Featuring: Devonté Hynes, Neon Music, Aaron Pfenning,Karley Sciortino

Directed by: Alan Del Rio Ortiz

Written by D .M

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