FUNKINEVEN “HEARTPOUND” : Retro & onirism in 2010

Funkineven aka Steve Julien is a London-based music producer defended by the UK label Eglo Records. Arte Video Team discovered him while listenning to “Soul Glow” feat. Fatima.

In 2009 he released KLEER EP, his first official recording . Featuring a distinctive electronic old school sound, KLEER represented an evolution  and was quickly followed up by a discography bearing FunkinEven musical fantasies including releases in 2010 of ” She’s Acid” and ” Heart Pound”.

“Heart Pound”  is  a video editing  that selected retro images from the 80’s- 90’s era of  icons like Octavia St’s Laurent and Grace Jones. We choose to share this video beacuse  of the geometry, the onirism, the motif ,the colors and this ” It’s a new sound, from a Old town, Funkineven, makes your heart pound” on constant repeat, that makes this video a true piece of art .

Unfortunatly, we do not have information of who gets full credits for the  creation of the video.  Thus, we  will  assume that all credits go to Funkineven himself.

Enjoy !

Written by D .M

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