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1965, a Portapak, a studio and then we had “Button Happening”. Said to be the first recorded video work,”Button Happening” features NAM JUNE PAIK in a self performance, filmed by himself. By simply making a close up to the buttons of his jacket, NAM JUNE PAIK made a tremendous contribution to the world of media art. He is one of the first artists to explore and believe in the potential creativity of video recording. Leaving the canvas fo moving images, this was the future.

ARTE VIDEO TEAM like to say that Video Art is a form of expression working within, and across, several fields as music, dance, film & photography. Well, with NAM JUNE PAIK, this statement is confirmed. Music was his first love.He first earned a degree in Art History, then a music history degree at the University of Munich, after his family fled from Korea during the Korean War to successively Hong Kong, Japan and Germany. He met in his journey the experimental music composer John Cage, known to be a leading member of the Fluxus movement. Remember about the FLUXUS, an Avant Garde movement that was pushing away the limits of the notion of art, challenging the art process making by finally encouraging the language, the conceptual art, and performance.
What could we do more to redefine ART? What could we do to push the extreme after INDEX 001 ?

Electronic Superhighway: Continental US (1995). Forty seven channel and closed circuit video installation with 313 monitors, neon, and steel structure; color, sound, approx. 15x32x4 feet.

This is the context that brang NAM JUNE PAIK to experice a brand new medium while nobody was believing it creative and artistic potential. Here we have one of his video installation exhibited in washinghton D.C. . An installation comprised of TV monitors that mix sculpture, performance and moving images. 1,003 monitors towering 60 ft in height, the first video synthesizer showing physical and aesthetic properties.

Several Facts :
Receives National Arts Club Award.
Retrospective The Worlds of Nam June Paik, opens at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York then travels to Ho-Am Art Gallery and the Rodin Gallery, Seoul Korea
Numerous grants and awards from, inter alia, the Guggenheim Museum, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the American Film Institute; Will Grohmann Award, Goslar Emperor’s Ring, UNESCO’s Picasso Medal.

NAM JUNE PAIK ” Global Groove” 1973

Paik lives and works in New York, teaches at Staatliche Kunstakade­mie,Dusseldorf, and has a second home in Bad Kreuznach.


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